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El jorn del judici - Produccions de Ferro

Direction: Sergio Baos

Teatre Ateneu - Borges

Location: Pl. del Carme, 14

: Theatre
Public: +10
Language: Cat

As the Sibyl had predicted, judgment day has come to Majorca. A large wave has swept away the largest of the Balearic Islands. Paradise on Earth is no more. Tourists, residents and natives are gone forever. Everyone, except four who have survived on the highest peak, Puig Major. They live there and, perhaps, with time, they will be able to remake a new Majorca. An apocalyptic and crazy comedy that poses the question: what would we do if we were the only survivors of the end of the world?

Fira de Teatre al Carrer de Tàrrega
Pl. de St. Antoni, 1, 25300 Tàrrega (Lleida), Spain
Telephone: 973500039
Email: info@firatarrega.com

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